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La couleur de l’intervention de Michel Bettez était mémorable, étreignante. Elle contenait toute la souffrance du monde. Elle était Tchaïkovski.
Christophe Huss, Le Devoir (3 mars 2018)

Bettez est au Métropolitain … : le petit ingrédient magique.
Christophe Huss, Le Devoir (14 mai 2016)

Bettez, principal bassoonist of Montreal’s Metropolitan Orchestra, plays very expressively, with a sonorous, singing sound and excellent musical instincts.
Pfeil, American Record Guide [March/April 2018]

[Bettez], never less than vital and clearly up to all the technical challenges, is more inclined to savor the lyric qualities of the works he plays. His instrument is marvelous: warm of tone, stable in the large leaps… Tuning seems impeccable … Ronald E. Grames, Fanfare [January/February 2018]

Bettez and Amièle give what must be ideal performances. He plays beautifully in tune and with a wistful Gallic sweetness, she with full-blooded richness and poetry.
Laurence Vittes, Gramophone [December 2017]

Bettez’s playing is so alluring — warm and mellow in coloration, and marked by fine-spun expressivity.
Joshua Kosman, SFGATE [September 2017]